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Yesterday when sunbathing on our deck I thought I heard sheep baahing; the sound seemed to be coming from our neighbour Colette’s garden. Further investigation proved correct – she has invested in some sheep to help keep her grass down. She has a white ewe and ram and a 2 black ewes and ram.


They are very small sheep I’m not sure what breed but ill find out and report back.

They are very friendly and came straight to meet me to say hello.

My first thoughts were what will Barnaby Pickles think of them and will he bark all the time? We took him down to introduce him and after a few initial barks he seems fine and very interested in his new neighbours.

When sheep sit down does that indicate rain, like the old wives tales about cows?

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A vineyard tour at Clos Rocailleux

We are in the midst of a heatwave here in France as are a lots of countries in Europe, today was the hottest day of the year so far, the thermometer in the garden hit 42 Degs and its due to get hotter later this week.

Even the pets stayed inside all day, Miel was out this morning but she soon came running inside as the day heated up.



After a day of working on the computer and a quick swim in the pool we headed over to Clos Rocaileux which is owned and run by Jack and Margaret Reckitt who have been making wine here for the last five years. On Tuesdays at 6pm they take people on tours of their vineyard and winery.


We meandered through each of the wine plots tasting the wine that is produced from each grape variety.



Jack explaining the intricacies of caring for the vines.



We did try the wine in the bottle he had in his hand.



Glasses in hand



Stunning views



Yes that is a box of wine in Kevs hand, 3 of the early vintage red and 3 of the reserve red which will be laid down for a few years… well maybe not all of them.

I would highly recommend doing this wine tour or just a visit to the vineyard, you will receive a very warm welcome.

Visit the website here

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Arghh March is here, does that mean Spring is here?

After last week’s sunny days, this week has brought us rain, rain and oh yes, even more rain. Thanks mother nature. I know we need water and god knows I don’t want to deprive the grape vines – I want a bumper harvest so we have fabulous wine next year, but come on! Rain day after day? Please! Just a few days of sunshine would be nice. Heck I’d even be happy with one day. I feel sun deprived and I’ve only just come back from a very sunny glorious holiday in Cape Town. That’s probably why I’m needing the sun: I got used to it and got into summer mode and now want more. Hmm, at least the nights are getting lighter – it’s really noticeable, every day a minute or two more and I love it.

I know spring is on its way as our local supermarket E Leclerc has adorned its entrance with garden furniture and pallet upon pallet of bedding plants and yes there are bargains to be had. In fact this very week I purchased 10 climbing roses for the smugly price of €2.10 each and with the exchange rate the way it is, it’s a steal. Mind you, now I have to plant them all which I did this weekend. We have lots of wire fencing around the garden to keep the dog in so I have planted them all along that in anticipation that they will climb and creep to their hearts’ content and cover the horrible green fencing. I hope they don’t let me down. Check back around June time to find out.

So with the rain mainly keeping us inside we have been cracking on with our renovations which abruptly came to a halt due to our trip to Cape Town, which was fabulous. Oh! Did I mention that already? Sorry.

With the installation of our new staircase we have partitioned the old large bedroom to create a corridor, which will eventually become a library area. After much research Kev decided to create the partition wall the French way using their metal post system, which I have to say is very simple and lightweight, which is a bonus as using wooden uprights that weigh a ton is hard going on the arms.


Yes I know there is still some wood in there – it’s to give stronger support to hang the radiator off. Kev thought the metal may buckle under the weight.


The large hole is for the fab double doors that Kev bought from John our reclamation guru. He has an amazing warehouse full of goodies. I’m only allowed to go there under supervision and without a cheque book.


View from inside the new bedroom, the door needs to be sanded and waxed but you get the idea.


View from the new halfway which will be a library area, eventually, not plasterboard on here yet as all the electrics have to be done.


And whilst we were hard at work, what were Barnaby and Miel up to? Well B was supervising, and snoozing. And Miel Miaow was tucked up in her bed, best place to be.


And in anticipation of spring coming, it is coming isn’t it??? I have planted some Hyacinths and Narsisi to make the house look like spring has sprung. (Spot our marble Troc bargain in the background for our first ensuite bathroom sink)


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Brocante bargains

A freezing visit to our local weekly brocante market in Albi brought some great rewards, it was worth braving the cold as i founds lots of lovely bargains all for €1 each, yes its like my very own pound shop in France, well i say pound but the euro is worth so little at the moment soon i will have to say the 50p shop.

Anyway you never really know what you are going to find when you pop along on a Saturday morning and today as  it was so bitterly cold there were very few stalls, which was actually good because the more expensive stall holders were obviously all snuggled up in bed, so the stalls that were there were my favourite kind with their goods all laid out on the floor and big signs saying “€1 par Piece” i love that sort of signage, it get very excited as i get a huge swag bag for very little money, kevs even more fond of that sign as he knows i wont spend much.

So here are a few pics of my finds, now bare in mind that one persons junk is another treasure and yes i know everything looks a bit dirty and grotty but you wait until Phyllis Poppins get his hands on them.

You will have to pop back in a few days to see how they all scrub up.


By the way the trowels are not for decoration they will be used to build our walls around the pool area.


Apparently these used to be used to store water when their was no plumbing, People would wash their hands with the water that dripped out of the tiny spout at the bottom.


When i got back from the brocante we had snow flurries all day, not much settled just a light dusting.

Happy week ahead everyone.

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January days….

Well January is flying by, the days seem to come and go, mind you we have been busy.

No more hoar frosts but still very cold, lots of jumpers and log fires.

Heres a few photos to show you what we have been up to this January.

Click on any thumbnail to enlarge it.

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Frosty New Years Eve

We have awoken to a frosted New years Eve, the moisture in the air has literally frozen onto everything,



Its incredibly beautiful but the photos do not do it justice.



Happy New years Eve everyone, have a fabulous day.

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Let the festivities begin….

Sorry for the lack of posts of the last few weeks it’s been a busy time here in Fayssac with Kev and I popping back and fro to London and lots of renovations happening in the house.

The last few weeks have been very cloudy and drizzly but there is always beauty to be found, even in the drabbest of weather. This time last year the countryside was just a mix of browns as no crops had been planted. But this year the farmers and mother nature have obviously realised that we all need a bit of colour in the winter, and the fields are blanketed with a beautiful green carpet of grass and mother nature has had a word with the oak trees and asked them to slow down losing their leaves. It’s nearly the end of December and their leaves have only just turned to amazing shades of yellow and gold which really does add a shot of colour to the horizon.


And the last few days the cloud has blown away and left us with stunning blue skies and festive frosty mornings.



I have been busy festivating [is that a word?no? well it is now] the house in readiness for our Christmas guests.

Holly and mistletoe have been purchased from our local market.


They have been added to our festive arrangements to add a shot of colour.


The log burners are constantly on to give us heat and add a festive flare



Mother nature has generously donated lots of fur tree branches to help decorate Maison Murier





And what have the pets done to help?


Just lounge around as usual!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone have a fabulous festive period

Love to you all

Phill Kev signitures copy

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Warm days, cool nights and bumper crops

Over the last few weeks we have had truly wonderful weather, amazing sun rises, some misty, and a mix of warm, even hot days with cool nights.


I love this time of year, the feeling that winter is fast approaching but with a hint of summer sunshine to keep us going strong. We have had a few windy nights which in fact has been rather good as mother nature has helped to make all the almonds and walnuts drop from the trees, so thanks MN.

Today i spent some time harvesting the almonds and what a bumper crop we have had this year.

The last of our summer guests departed last week, lunches and dinners were enjoyed outside.

IMG_2225                                                        IMG_2229

It was even warm enough to sit outside a few nights and enjoy the stars and garden.


Our new Kitchen table was delivered last week, its made from floorboards that are over 15o years old, just the kitchen to do now then!!!!


As were the railings we found at a reclamation yard, 30 meters of them, they are going to go around the edge of the decking, mmm mind you we are not quite sure how yet!!!



And Barnaby Pickles and Miel Miaow continue to survey their land, so all is happy with the world.



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Summer Swangsong

The shadows are getting longer and the days shorter, summer is singing its swansong and Mother Nature is beckoning Autumn on.
Whilst walking Barnaby Pickles the other day I found this one last sunflower (turnasole) smiling brightly in the freshly ploughed field, it gave me a quick reminder of our fabulous summer.


One of the last turnasoles of the season


And what a summer we have had here in Fayssac, we have worked really hard putting in the pool,building decking and stone walls, growing yummy veggies in our potager, maintaining our land, painting shutters, building staircases, digging trenches to connect power, water &  data cables around the garden etc, i could go on and on.


The start of one of many walls in our garden

We have also had fabulous fun times with all the guests that have visited and continue to visit us, our house has been like a busy bee hive, and we have loved every moment, our guests have made us take time out to explore and enjoy everything that this amazing area has to offer.

Sheri and Rachel enjoying the aroma of French roses in Cordes Sur Ciel

Sheri and Rachel enjoying the aroma of French roses in Cordes Sur Ciel

John and Helen enjoying a coffee in a secret cafe we found in Cordes

John and Helen enjoying a coffee in a secret cafe we found in Cordes

Today’s (8th October) weather has been amazing 29 degrees, so lovely for this time of year.
I decided to Kate Sheri (my cousin who has been staying) off to Lake Roucarie which is a huge dam and has the most beautiful walks, we took the pickle with us, he swan we paddled and picked pine cones to use as fire lighters and all was well with the world.

Selfi with Sheri at lake Roucarie

Selfi with Sheri at lake Roucarie





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Raindrops & Butterflies and Pussy Cats Tales…..

After a quick trip to London for work I came back to rain, rain and yes you guessed it even more rain, April is going out with more than a few showers. Mind you they do pass over quite quickly with dramatic effect.


Miel continues to amuse us all with her antics, she has discovered the storage boxes in the stables and thinks they are  great to play hide and seek in.


She has also claimed her new favourite place to sit… our playstation box her favourite programme is The Good Wife.




I made a new friend when i popped down to pick up the mail from the post box, i offered him some factor 50 but he declined.


The one thing about all the rain and sun, it has made our garden grow like crazy, we have a lovely show of irises at the moment, the flower heads are huge and they smell divine.

IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642

All the wild flowers have attracted swarms of beautiful butterflies, i have never seen so many.


They are attracted to the array of bright colourful flowers, i do love the spring its such a fabulous season, full of promise for what lies ahead the rest of the year.


The Cow Parsley is growing knee high and the buttercups are washing the fields with a yellow haze.


The trees have all lost their blossoms now, being replaced with tiny fruits which will swell and offer up lots of tasty treats later in the summer. The wild fig trees are bursting with fruit.



What a fabulous week and what a fabulous place we live in. Lets see what May brings us.

Happy Mayday everyone.

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