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Summer gifts as the season begins to shift

Summer here in Fayssac has been really wonderful this year, plenty of hot and sun drenched days  and the odd crazy storm to cool things down,  entertaining us with illuminating light shows. We have had lots of fabulous guests that have made our summer abundant with fun, laughter and great memories that will last with us for a very long time.

It has been so hot down here with little rain, the trees have already begun to loose their leaves making us realise that autumns calling.


The ground is so dry that cracks in the earth are the norm creating an amazing motorway of patterns.


The sunflowers that recently blazed their yellow glow over the country side are all now bowing their heads. They will be left until they are almost black, the farmers waiting for the seeds to be dripping with oil before they harvest them.


But as we begin to notice the subtle changes, mother nature gives us some lovely gifts to help us on our way.

The wild damsons are laying heavy and luscious on the branches, they are inviting me to taste their warm and sweet flesh, whilst eating them the purple juice runs down my hands, there to be savoured later as i walk Barnaby Pickles in the evening glow of the sun.


The blackberry bushes are also brimming with big bold berries, ill be picking these over the weekend for a jam making session.


Summers not over yet! but the autumn hints are there, so we have to fill up on the sunshine and warmth ready for the cold winter nights.

Are you all noticing the changes or is it just me?

Have a lovely weekend everyone and heres to more warm sunny days before Autumn rolls in.

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Introducing The Garden Room

Kev and I have been busy beavering away creating a new bedroom and en suite bathroom in our converted loft space, with guests arriving today they were finally finished about two hours before they arrived.  

Here’s the bedroom, I’ll post pics of the bathroom later. 

The chains holding the bedside lamps over the tables came from our well.

The chest of drawers is actually going to live in the Library room downstairs but it fits in well in this room for now. It was a Great find at our local Brocante and only €20 then paired with chalk paint and old handles found at a Brocante market in Rabastens. 

The ladder is part of an old painting ladder set, a great bargain from Troc  81 a second hand warehouse in Albi.

The mirror was a  present from my lovely friend Lynda, I have to put labels on the holders.

The sunflowers are from our local feilds, we’ll there are thousands of them, I’m sure the farmer won’t miss a few???

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Sizzling Summer Sun


Phew its been so hot here in Fayssac over the last few weeks, so I’m happy to report summer has officially started. The kids have broken up from school and France has begun to shut down for July and August, mind you its not really open for business most of the rest of the time, which is probably why I like it here so much.

We attended our first apero concert of the summer at Perye Rose last Wednesday. It was so lovely to see the vineyard again and the lovely owner Astrid; she and her sons make you feel so welcome. Friends gather, drink wine, listen to music, eat great food and catch up on all that’s happened over the last week.


The views are stunning.


And the sunsets are beautiful.


Back at Maison Murier we have been busy working in the loft creating new bedrooms and bathrooms [blog post to follow on that], and in the garden we have been creating a roundabout in our driveway.

Our dear cousin Sheri bought us an olive tree, and we have used it as a feature in the centre.


IMG_8242The fields are awash with wild flowers and butterflies.


And the sunflowers have started to flower in droves, creating a sea of bright yellow, truly a site that should be experienced.



Our first summer visitors have arrived to relax and soak up the suns rays.

Hello summer, don’t rush by too quickly.

Happy weekend everyone.


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Dog walking and Wild flowers…

I walk Barnaby Pickles as early as I can these days as the sun is so hot past 9am.

The sunflowers on the field just below our garden are just beginning to go over and will slowly droop and decay until they are brown husks. Kev hates them when they get to that stage. But for now they continue to give us a sea of yellow even if tinged with sunburnt orange bits.


It amazes me how many wild flowers still manage to survive and thrive in the heat of summer. I saw these beautiful wild sweet peas today peering through the grass all proud and colourful.


Have a lovely day everyone.


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Summer Swangsong

The shadows are getting longer and the days shorter, summer is singing its swansong and Mother Nature is beckoning Autumn on.
Whilst walking Barnaby Pickles the other day I found this one last sunflower (turnasole) smiling brightly in the freshly ploughed field, it gave me a quick reminder of our fabulous summer.


One of the last turnasoles of the season


And what a summer we have had here in Fayssac, we have worked really hard putting in the pool,building decking and stone walls, growing yummy veggies in our potager, maintaining our land, painting shutters, building staircases, digging trenches to connect power, water &  data cables around the garden etc, i could go on and on.


The start of one of many walls in our garden

We have also had fabulous fun times with all the guests that have visited and continue to visit us, our house has been like a busy bee hive, and we have loved every moment, our guests have made us take time out to explore and enjoy everything that this amazing area has to offer.

Sheri and Rachel enjoying the aroma of French roses in Cordes Sur Ciel

Sheri and Rachel enjoying the aroma of French roses in Cordes Sur Ciel

John and Helen enjoying a coffee in a secret cafe we found in Cordes

John and Helen enjoying a coffee in a secret cafe we found in Cordes

Today’s (8th October) weather has been amazing 29 degrees, so lovely for this time of year.
I decided to Kate Sheri (my cousin who has been staying) off to Lake Roucarie which is a huge dam and has the most beautiful walks, we took the pickle with us, he swan we paddled and picked pine cones to use as fire lighters and all was well with the world.

Selfi with Sheri at lake Roucarie

Selfi with Sheri at lake Roucarie





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Sunshine on a rainy day

We all love to talk about the weather, for some of us its a favourite past time, mainly because in the UK we are always complaining about our weather and lack of sunshine.

Here in South West France you get more sunshine hours than the UK but not always when you expect them, e.g. New Years day for instance was a wonderful sunny day with 26 degrees at lunchtime, but July and August are supposed to be the most sunny and hot months of the year, but not this year it appears, July so far has been a mixed bag of mainly cloud, storms,wind and rain, which many of  my French friends and neighbours are all talking about, which brings a smile to my face as its usually us Brits doing that.

They are all horrified at the weather and are stomping around in jumpers and coats with gloomy faces, they keep assuring themselves that the sun will be back soon, which I’m sure it will be,  in fact this coming week its due to be back to a normal 30 to 36 degrees, so smiles will resume I’m sure.

Now usually i would be the one complaining about the weather, but as we have had so much work to do, installing our new pool and digging trenches to house the hundreds of neater of safety trunking for our garden power, water and data cables for internet all around the garden, [well yes as we spend loads of time in the garden i want to be able to access the internet now and again] so no long face for me, Kev and i have been smiling as its been cool great to work in, we have managed to get so much done, in-between the rain storms, but i will also be glad to see the sunshine again this week.

Marion and Ian have been down with us for the last two weeks and have been busy renovating their house and helping us with the pool. Ian’s brother Boris and his wife Lynn stopped off for a few days on their driving holiday around France. We managed to persuade the rain to take a brief break to give us a few nights of eating in the garden which was lovely.

And now the fields are beginning to turn summer yellow as the sunflowers are bursting open to bathe us with their golden glow.

Here are a few snaps of the past weeks happenings.

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That was the week that was!.

Well that was the week that was…..

French air traffic controllers decided that it was time for a strike, it was sunny and they were probably annoyed with everyone else enjoying the sunshine and wanted some vitamin D themselves.

Poor Kev fell foul of them, as he landed from a trip on Tuesday morning at 06.30am and was supposed to to hop on the early flight home but, air traffic controllers say no…. and then the 2.30pm was cancelled so he had to wait for the 8.30pm flight, which didn’t actually take off until 12.30am on Wednesday so bless hime he had one of the longest days ever considering he had been up since 8am on the Monday.

I headed off to London on Monday avoiding the start of the strike but as you can imagine i was not looking forward to my journey home on Friday, but as luck would have it the strike was called off. But my flight home was still delayed but only by an hour and that was soothed by a few glasses of rose as i dint have to drive home.

The weather in June has been stunning, amazing sunshine and temperatures up in the high 30’s, but with that comes the chance of storms and we have had a few, which I’m ok with as they provide fabulous light shows and water the garden which saves me a job.

I always like to take a long walk with BP [Barnaby Pickles] on my return home, just to re connect with my surroundings and i always get amazed at how quickly things change, i have only been away for 5 days this week but wow the sunflowers and corn have sit up, they grow so quickly, some of the sunflowers are beginning to burst open to reveal their bright rays of sunshine yellow for us all to see and wonder at. Within a week they will all be out and shining brightly, bathing our countryside in their yellow glow.


Miel Miaow never fails to amuse me, she is such a vocal cat and will follow you around chatting away at every opportunity, even BP looks at her as if to say “will you shut up”.

I heard her miaowing the other day in the stables and called her and she popped her head out of a very comfy spot she had found in  amongst all of the old blankets we keep as dust covers.



We have been very busy working on the pool, but its all boring invisible stuff like sheering up the steps and concreting in the supports etc so no photos to share this week, but hopefully storms permitting we should have made some good progress by the end of the is new week and i will have some pics to share.

So that was the week that was and now a new one is fast approaching, so enjoy what is left of your weekend and have a great new week everyone.

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