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Moving out & Moving on

After 10 long days of packing up the house and moving all our worldly possessions into our local storage depot the day had finally come to move to and move on to our next adventure, Kev was badgering me to get a move on and questioning why i was cleaning the house when the new owners were sending a cleaning company in first thing in the morning, but if you’re like me I had to do it, it’s my way of saying goodbye to the house and cutting the strings that bind me to it. Finally I was happy with all my OCD cleaning and Kev had put the welcoming gifts in place; a bottle of rosé champagne, two Anthropology mugs with the new owners initials on them [i love those mugs we have the whole alphabet, and such a good price, even better if you buy them in the states, heres a link to buy them on the Anthro website], biscuits a new home card and a mound of paper work for them to sift through.

We took a slow drive up our road: Kev in his new French car and me in our UK car. I let out a big sigh and and didn’t look back. We were off to spend the night with our friends in Camberwell and stopped off on the way to treat ourselves to some expensive wine to ease the pain. While queuing at the very trendy jazz-playing Oddbins in Dulwich Kev admitted to shedding a few tears. Our time in Crystal Palace had been so specials, making amazing friends and neighbours and enjoying fabulous days and nights in such a great part of London which will fill our memory banks for year to come.

So now we are officially homeless and heading back to stay with our parents for a few weeks. Saturday Kev sped off to Heathrow for foreign pastures and I took a very long and boring drive down the M4 [due to a rather nasty pile up, I hope no one was hurt] to sunny Wales; and it WAS sunny for once, and the sun has kept shining. Which is amazing and has helped to make the last week such a nice one. No time to think of the past: way to much to do and a quick business trip to Jersey mid week has helped the week fly by which brings us to Saturday again and time to go and pick up my new French car. Way hey! Well I say new its actually out of the ark but as mentioned in previous posts we need a sensible car that we can use for the many messy things and this is that car. So after filling out forms in quadruplatrete as is the French way I welcomed “Blodwyn” to the Stark Hill clan and i have to say she drives like a dream, holds the road well and surprisingly doesn’t  guzzle too much petrol.

The big moving van and ferry are booked. Our route to Fayssac is planned and now its time to enjoy the sunshine for a week before we set sail for the next installment of our French adventure, signing for our new home……..

To celebrate our mini heatwave i give you this little ditty

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Let the Games begin!!

K: The prologue to our new book (so much bigger than a chapter, this) began this afternoon with our agent, Laurette’s sparkling words “I am thrilled to be able to tell you….”

After an excruciating week, the selling brothers and sisters finally accepted our second offer, which coincidentally was our maximum offer. We are soon to be the extraordinarily proud, excited and terrified owners of a former wine maker’s farm in Fayssac, in the south west of France.


I want to start off by giving a massive apology to several people around me (most of all my poor suffering mother) for being a major grumpy pain in the back side. I think I reached a new low this week, and it’s not somewhere I want to go again. The lack of direction and control was too much for me and I let a darkness win. I hope you’ll all be happy to know that it dispersed, and mum managed to snap me back in line with a well-deserved telling off email this morning.

It also looks like we’ve managed to sort out our temporary London accommodation problem. To the dog-hating agent at Conrad Fox, dog-owners can rent when they have a network of supportive friends (who know they’ll benefit from a week or two by a pool in the sunshine eventually!) Emily & Ed (of the distinguished building and decorating company are moving to north London in July & will rent their south London pad out – initially to us. And luckily, they love Barnaby!

We need a little bit of help now… What do we call our new home & enterprise? We are putting it out to all our lovely friends and readers – please send us some suggestions. Something French preferably, fitting, and elegant. Thinking caps on please! A week in one of our gites (when they’re done in 5 years!) for the winner.

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The Waiting Game

K: This week has been pretty stressful. We’ve been back and forth with offers and counter offers for our favourite house in Fayssac. We managed to get the sellers to show their hand and let us know what their minimum price would be, but the gulf between their minimum and our maximum was pretty huge at €14,000. The agents have also kindly reduced their fee in an attempt to try to get the house sold. Our final offer was our maximum, and I’ve not heard anything for a few days. I’m not holding out much hope – the sellers are a group of brothers and sisters and they all have to agree. The mayor in the house next door is one of the brothers, and he seems not to relish his role as a middle-man – he replied with a lovely message to my note introducing myself at the beginning of the week.

Add to that the slow progress of having to find temporary accommodation in London. On Wednesday I could have cried when one agent point blank told me that I’d never find a place, with a dog. She actually said “dog owners don’t rent!”

So, in 6 weeks, we’ll be homeless with nowhere to look forward to. What a fun game!

P: He’s so dramatic and I’m the thespian in the relationship hmm. I grant you it has been a frustrating week, they say that good things come to those who are prepared to wait. So lets wait and see what happens, I’m a great believer in fate I’ve lived my life by that and I’m not going to change now. So if we are meant to have this house it will be and if not then I’m sure there is another one just as fabulous out there, trouble is trying to find it.

So to keep our spirits up I’m posting a happy little ditty by one of the greats.


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