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Railings Review……

Its been a busy summer here at Maison Mûrier, we have had lots of fabulous guests staying and amazing weather for us all to enjoy.

Trying to do work in the hot weather is almost impossible, unless you like getting up at 6am to avoid the sun, we aren’t early birds, so have only done that a few times.

We have had the odd cloudy day and have taken advantage of the clouds to crack on with the decking around the pool and the railings surrounding it.

The last few days have been much cooler so we have really cracked on with the railings and here’s what we have done so far.


We have managed to put the railings up around the whole area of the deck that is finished.


We thought it was going to be really difficult to fix the railings in place but Kev came up with a relatively simple solution of using long metal rods attached from the back to the existing rods, before they are attached to each other, they are hammered into the ground, roughly 1.5 meters deep.


The design of the panels is lovely and the colour fits really well with all the foliage.


Each of the railing panels had to be welded together and thats where Ian fabulous skills have come in handy, off cuts of metal are used to fuse each panel together. The results are really sturdy panels.


I found these old metal urns at the brocante market today, they were covered in black soot as they were used for washing clothes, they would have been sat on a huge fire, the clothes being boiled inside them.


With a bit of hard labour sanding them to get rid of the soot they have come up a treat, i varnished them to bring out the colour and markings.


And now they have a new life as plant pots.

And what have Barnaby & Miel been up too whilst we have been working?


Barnaby has been spending his time watching us work.


Whilst Miel Miaow has mostly been sleeping……

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Holiday exodus & Today’s Brocante Bargain

It’s officially the first day of the French holidays today, everyone will be heading away to the coast or the mountains, so I expected the brocante market to be very small and very quiet,  and whilst the roads heading out of Albi were jam packed with motor homes and cars packed to the rafters with holiday equipment the market was a decent size and busy with tourists. As you know from previous Brocante posts  sometimes things jump out at you and bargains abound, but alas not so much today, but I did snatch a bargain at the end, a lovely grand enamel cooking pot for the princely sum of €3 so I can’t grumble I suppose. And it will fit in nicely with all my other red enamel kitchenware. 

And after an unsettled few days the sun has got his hat on again, our lovely guests are snoozing by the pool and all is well with the world. 

Bon weekend everyone. 

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Brocante, brocante, brocante

Last Saturday and Sunday was our giant brocante  market in Albi, usually we have about 20 stalls every week but twice a year it scales up.  

Kev and I popped along to sniff out a few bargains and were impressed by the number of stalls.


But after doing a few circuits of the hall and looking at all the stalls 


We came away with nothing, which is good as it saved us money.


There were lots of lovely things but nothing we needed.




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Brocante bargains

A freezing visit to our local weekly brocante market in Albi brought some great rewards, it was worth braving the cold as i founds lots of lovely bargains all for €1 each, yes its like my very own pound shop in France, well i say pound but the euro is worth so little at the moment soon i will have to say the 50p shop.

Anyway you never really know what you are going to find when you pop along on a Saturday morning and today as  it was so bitterly cold there were very few stalls, which was actually good because the more expensive stall holders were obviously all snuggled up in bed, so the stalls that were there were my favourite kind with their goods all laid out on the floor and big signs saying “€1 par Piece” i love that sort of signage, it get very excited as i get a huge swag bag for very little money, kevs even more fond of that sign as he knows i wont spend much.

So here are a few pics of my finds, now bare in mind that one persons junk is another treasure and yes i know everything looks a bit dirty and grotty but you wait until Phyllis Poppins get his hands on them.

You will have to pop back in a few days to see how they all scrub up.


By the way the trowels are not for decoration they will be used to build our walls around the pool area.


Apparently these used to be used to store water when their was no plumbing, People would wash their hands with the water that dripped out of the tiny spout at the bottom.


When i got back from the brocante we had snow flurries all day, not much settled just a light dusting.

Happy week ahead everyone.

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With spring most definitely sprung and summer on the horizon tis the sea on here in France for Vide Greniers, what i hear you ask? Well this roughly translates “Empty your attics” yes a sort of car boot sale as we would know it, but here in France they have many types some are just rummage sales, some can be plant sales and others all food based most are a complete mixture.

Today was our Vide Grenier and after a really lovely sunny day yesterday i awoke to drizzle and cold winds, so i presumed the worst and thought it would be a disaster, but i hadn’t counted on the French’s love of a Vide Grenier, come rain or shine they will come.

Migs our friend popped bye on her way home from house sitting for a friend and texted to ask me to open the drive gates which i did brolly in hand only to be amazed that the edges of the road was jam-packed with parked cars, Migs rolled down her window and said that the village was packed with stalls and people.

Our little village was a maze of stalls, big, small, some covered in tarpaulin’s others with patio parasols and some with plastic sheets strung up betweens trees, and a complete mix of plants, food, brica brac and junk….

The weather brightened up as the day rolled bye and more and more people came and left with armfuls of goodies.

And yes Migs and i purchased a few bits along the way too. I came home with just 20 cents left of my 20 euro pocket money but i had loads of plants a glass measuring jug in centilitres as all one are in litres oh yes and a fab huge zing jug which i have planted up with strawberries.

A fab day and a great success for our little village and next Sunday we roll on to Senouillac which is our neighbouring village and hopefully more bargains to be had.






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Brocante finds in Albi

So last week we popped to the Brocante market in Gaillac and this week we went to Albi, the weather was so lovely and warm, there were stalls a plenty and bargains to be had and we had them.
Here’s our stash and all for under €50





One huge lamp 45 cm wide which will be the centre light over our kitchen table with the tow smaller ones either side.
A fab umbrella stand only €5, a beautiful silver note clip and a very unusual fascinator stand which we will turn into a table lamp.

And I bartered using my new French vocab……

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Gaillac Brocante market

Every seconds Sunday in the month our local town of Gaillac has a brocante market, last Sunday was our first visit to this busy little market held in the Haut’poul square. It was only two rows long, (I’m sure it will be much bigger in the summer months) but was packed with loads of interesting bits and pieces.
Although only small I ooooh’d and arghed at lots of fab finds, but with only €15 to spend in our pocket money fund I had to choose wisely. After a few trips back and for to various stalls we found a lovely if not shabby looking old candle lamp which had a wooden pole handle to hold it with, could this have been used by a stationmaster? A little more research will be required before we will know.
We both loved this item but the problem was that is was €20, now we all know that it’s customary to barter at a market but I had two problems, one Kev hates bartering for anything, two I didn’t know how to barter in French, hmmm a quick lesion from Kev solved that problem, the word to use to ask if someone will accept a lower price I learned is Vous Prenne which roughly translates a “would you take” so off I went leaving a slightly embraced looking Kev, armed with my new French words and my pocket money to find the seller of the lamp. I quickly found him slouched in a garden seat in the corner of his stall, mmm he looks rather grumpy and a bit disheveled I thought, will if remember my simple new french words and will I gabble them so he doesn’t understand? Deep breath, look confident and ask… And I did and he said yes so we got our lamp, yeh hey that was easy, poor Kev now I know how to barter in French there will be no stopping me, now where’s the cashpoint card…..

And here it is our lovely buyer grubby station masters lamp, soon to be lovingly cleaned and restored.



And here are some snapshots from the market.







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