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Miel Miaow at the top of the tree!

Our Miel Miaow likes nothing more than scaling the heights… of trees, she isn’t scared of heights in fact she enjoys finding a nice branch and surveying the land from it, oh yes and if a little bird happens to pop by she will oblige and stalk it, walking the tightrope of thing branches with panache.

IMG_1127 IMG_1128

She also has a new favourite spot on tera firm as well, on a nice big stone well padded with moss so nice and comfy, from here she can survey her land and watch for mice.



She even invites Barnaby Pickles over for a look too, if she’s in the mood for doggy company.


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Barnaby Pickles visits Rabasten

After our trip to Rabasten the other week we thought Barnaby Pickles would enjoy a swim in the river, so we took him along last Wednesday, which was a very hot day and actually he wasn’t that fussed, in fact we had to coax him into the water.

He spent more time sniffing around the river bank and looking to see what was going on around him, which wasn’t much.

Oh well we had a nice picnic and enjoyed the sunshine.


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A few of their favourite things…..

Theres nothing Barnaby Pickles likes better than sniffing, especially when he finds a hole in the ground, after calling him for a few minutes i discovered why he wasn’t respodning he had his head down a hole snorting and grunting, the result a very dirty snout but one happy Pickle.


Our Princess Miel Miaow on the other hand has more refined taste and would much rather spend her time amongst the Christmas Presents, glitter, sparkle and bows are a few of her favourite things.



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First walkies with the daddies

After our 12 hour journey and a good sleep Barnaby Pickles  was  was eager to survey his land, so it was off for a long walkies for him and us. He was such a patient boy sitting waiting for us for us to get ourselves ready.



After a while he got a little impatient and took himself off for a little scout and sniff around.



Finally the daddies were ready and off we went.



Can you spot BP’s tail?



The little woods at the bottom of our field is amazing, its full of tree houses and wigwams, a perfect place for children to play…ahem and for us.



After a lovely run Pickle decided to take himself off home.



It didn’t take him long to find his way around.



He’s already had loads more amazing walkies.

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