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Vide Grenier … Again 

As I have mentioned before, villages in France are very social places, they have fetes and some have craft societies of various types. But they do love a car boot sale (Vide Grenier) which actually means ’empty your attic’, and that’s exactly what some people do. 

Our Vide Grenier is usually in May, at the start of the season, and is really well attended by sellers and buyers. But this year they decided to change the date to September; as you can imagine there were lots of raised eyebrows and tutting from some committee members and villagers. 

So commeth the day and the weather is wonderful, but will it be a success? 

Yes, yes, yes, the stall holders turned up at the crack of dawn and the buyers weren’t far behind. 

Our guests were straight out there having a rummage and finding bargains. 

Helen ‘I want it with a discount’ Macauley:

And Dr Silvertoes… I only have a tiny case, no can buyee. But would love to.. Ohh I love those postcards…

So many lovely bits and bobs to be found and bartered for. 

And what did I buy?

Garden urns …

… and bathroom bits

So all in all a great day… Here’s to next year. 

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A Spirit House

We have a little area of the garden by the well that we’ve been trying to figure out what to do with for ages. It’s actually an old stone sink that I presume came from inside our house and has been placed by the well to create a platform. I have placed plants on terracotta tiles to give them height, but I’ve never really been happy with it and have been trying to figure out what’s missing.

Then our dear friend Rachel came to visit this week and bought us a beautiful gift, a spirit house, which She tells us originates from the Lanna Kingdom in Thailand, people place these outside houses and put gifts in them to appease the spirits (apparently they are particularly fond of strawberry Fanta).

They are ideally situated on a wooden pillar or platform, argh says I, I know exactly where it will live.


Raised up on clay tiles, it has pride of place in amongst the greenery.


Its made of recycled teak so its weather and bug proof.


The details on the rood and sides are beautiful.


Thanks Rachel, it will have a happy home here in the garden.

The learn more about Spirit Houses click here

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