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A vineyard tour at Clos Rocailleux

We are in the midst of a heatwave here in France as are a lots of countries in Europe, today was the hottest day of the year so far, the thermometer in the garden hit 42 Degs and its due to get hotter later this week.

Even the pets stayed inside all day, Miel was out this morning but she soon came running inside as the day heated up.



After a day of working on the computer and a quick swim in the pool we headed over to Clos Rocaileux which is owned and run by Jack and Margaret Reckitt who have been making wine here for the last five years. On Tuesdays at 6pm they take people on tours of their vineyard and winery.


We meandered through each of the wine plots tasting the wine that is produced from each grape variety.



Jack explaining the intricacies of caring for the vines.



We did try the wine in the bottle he had in his hand.



Glasses in hand



Stunning views



Yes that is a box of wine in Kevs hand, 3 of the early vintage red and 3 of the reserve red which will be laid down for a few years… well maybe not all of them.

I would highly recommend doing this wine tour or just a visit to the vineyard, you will receive a very warm welcome.

Visit the website here

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Walking Pickle at Chateau La Cayla 

A lovely walk with the boy in the countryside… It was so hot even at 6pm.      


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Summer Season kicks off…

Our holiday season visits have started in ernest, Marion and Ian have been with us for the last 10 days and  Ian’s daughter in law and grand-daughter started proceedings off with a quick visit the last week, and now the Hill, McCauley clans have popped over for a visit and in true welshy clan tradition are having a fab time, even though the weather has been hit and miss.

Here’s a pick n mix of what’s been happening over the last 10 days.
Ian has been busy creating terraces on our steep garden bank, he’s taking the Minack theatre as his inspiration.thumb_IMG_4848_1024

It’s work in progress and will look amazing when finished, so pop back for updates.

And all the things he is using are recycled.thumb_IMG_4849_1024
kevs been busy in the kitchen, how many cooks does it take to make Humous?  IMG_0101

Are these nibbles really all for me?IMG_0100

Lots of playing games, Kev trying to explain how to play buzz to the Welsh clan…. Hmmm did they listen????   thumb_IMG_4874_1024 thumb_IMG_4876_1024

A visit to Cordes Sur Cielthumb_IMG_4884_1024 thumb_IMG_4881_1024

A walk through the vineyards thumb_IMG_4866_1024

The grapes are growing quickly.thumb_IMG_4865_1024

Cafe Joubert for aperosthumb_IMG_4890_1024

Our lavender has grown out of control this summer and resembles Worsel Gumidges hair, but the bees and butterflies are loving it which makes it all ok.thumb_IMG_4856_1024 thumb_IMG_4859_1024 thumb_IMG_4861_1024

Amazing sunrise on Tuesday.thumb_IMG_4879_1024

Lots of reading and snoozing by the pool…thumb_IMG_4894_1024

Cross my Paws i haven’t seen the ball…..thumb_IMG_4891_1024

And finally pigeons have decided to take up residence in our acacia tree on our top deck, it’s rather sweet as they are building a nest, but they keep discarding all the unwanted twigs onto the decking for me to clean up, I mean where’s their manners?thumb_IMG_4867_1024 thumb_IMG_4868_1024

More to come, Bonne Weekend everyone…

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Amazing Light 

We are sat out on our decking having dinner, it’s been so hot here today in the high 30’s but the last hour it’s been threatening thunder, but it’s come to nothing and the light with the sunset is incredible, it’s put an eerie golden glow over everything.   

The house is glowing in the sunset.  

Eerie sunset.  

Glorious hydrangeas     

Geraniums doing the trailing thing.  

Love the cerise of the geraniums against the grey if the shutters. 

The  flowers on the Agapanthus are ready to burst.  

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Brocante, brocante, brocante

Last Saturday and Sunday was our giant brocante  market in Albi, usually we have about 20 stalls every week but twice a year it scales up.  

Kev and I popped along to sniff out a few bargains and were impressed by the number of stalls.


But after doing a few circuits of the hall and looking at all the stalls 


We came away with nothing, which is good as it saved us money.


There were lots of lovely things but nothing we needed.




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Decking, again…

It’s been another busy week here at Maison Mûrier, we had the last delivery of support beams for the pool deck.

The beams were delivered on a huge lorry that had to navigate our rather tight driveway. They are so heavy that we had to use our car to drive them down to the pool area.  

 After a few hours of huffing and puffing we managed to get them into place and have cemented them on top of the breeze block pillars.

Now we have to put the cross beams in place and then cut and fit the decking planks, and put the railings in place to tie in with the deck.

Looks like a few more busy weeks ahead to get it finished. 


And it’s 34 degrees…….

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