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Railings…. Finally!

In between turning piles of cherries into jam and pies, we’ve finally got round to installing the wrought iron fence we bought last summer.We’d been mulling over the most secure way to fix the panels in place, and this fist panel was used to try out one solution. So far, it looks like we might have hit on a winner!      Barnaby suggested we build a pillar around the start of the fence, to give it more strength. He then sat and supervised while we constructed it.    

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The Adventures of Miel Miaow – Tree Climbing

Miel Miaow our half Siamese half tabby cat is adventurous and fearless, yesterday she brought me a present, a baby snake, how thoughtful considering she knows I hate them. The day before she decided that she wanted a better view of the garden and found the ideal lookout place. 

Can you spot her?   
From here she could Survey her land and keep an eye on us gardening.   
Just one problem, how to get down, answere miaow loudly for ages and someone will rescue you.   
Where will she pop up next? 

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“I Think Every Home Should Have A Marmalade Day”

Unfortunately, we’re not southerly enough to be able to grow good oranges (NB  there’s a prize for the first reader to tell me where the quote’s from), so we’ve had to make do with making cherry jam instead . We’re also not lucky enough to have a massive 40 year old cherry tree in our garden, but we are lucky enough to live next door to Colette who does have a 40 year old cherry tree.


While not her natural habitat, we spotted her on our walk today up a tree.


We thanked her for our massive basket of cherries, informed her that we’d be making our first batch of cherry jam this very afternoon, and promised her a jar.


We referred to the massive recipe book in the sky, found an easy one, and got down to business.







Delicious! Roll on the figs and plums. That’s Christmas presents sorted!

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Step down, Step up…

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard constructing  the end part of the top deck and the steps down to what was the slopey bank down to our pool area, its drop was quite steep so the process involved digging out lots of earth to get each one level, then building mini walls, pointing them and adding all the decking. Finally we had to finish the walls and top them with terracotta tiles.

Here’s the process so far…

The stone the guys are moving used to be one of the mantels from our old kitchen windows, now it’s the feature stone on the top step.  

  They are taking shape, kev has installed power for lighting. 

 Jut the corner of the wall to finish and plants to add. 

 And hers the finished wall with tiles. The chairs were bought from our local Brocante market for €20.  

It’s a great spot to sit under the shade and enjoy the view. Liz and Tom our two new palms take pride of place on the steps.  

The view from the top.

And here’s Kevs lights.

Now we have to finish the other end of the pool area, no rest for the wicked!!!

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Butterflies, Bugs & Blooms. 

One of the things I one about living in the countryside is seeing so many of the above, living in London I was lucky to see a few butterflies a day maybe a bumble bee or two, wasps loads, but no honey bees. Here you go into your garden or for a walk and they are all there in abundance.

Here are just a few of the amazing creatures and beautiful flowers i saw a my walk on Sunday.










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Cherry Time

Its cherry picking time here in Fayssac, and although I haven’t had time to partake our lovely neighbour Collette popped around with a trig brimming over with juicy cherries. Now what to do with them all?

Any good recipes anyone?


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Scorchio for the village Vide Grenier

Its a baking day here in Fayssac today, which is good news as its our village Vide Grenier it’s a car boot sale, the cars are queuing and village is buzzing with people, one of the only days when you see lots of people in our little village.   The thermometer is touching 30 degrees in the shade, but there is a slight breeze which is lovely, especially as I’m busy in the garden, mowing lawns and cutting hedges.    

 I have been to seek out some bargains  and only bought one thing but I am very happy with my purchase, photo to follow once I have cleaned it up. 

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The things you do to get a plant home!!!

Our local garden centre Gamm Vert have reduced lots of their exterior trees and shrubs, now we love a bargain, like most people and all these plants need a good home. That’s exactly what Marion and Ian thought, they had their heart set on a fabulous knarley old olive tree but alas we couldn’t fit it in the back of the car and they don’t deliver. Sowe were about to set off home all fallorn when we spotted a lovely bushy Palm, mmm will we get it in the car? we all asked ourselves.   Argh yes we will, well after lots of heaving, pushing and tugging.   And here it is in its new home, well temporary home as it will end up by the pool once the decking is finished.   

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Daisy fields

I was I ut walking with Barnaby Pickles today and came across this field full of Daisy’s, quite stunning. 

      Isn’t Mother Nature amazing giving us these fabulous gifts to enjoy. 

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