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Rush Hour in Fayssac…


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Bouncing Barnaby

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The last few weeks…again

I wrote this blog post last night and for some mystical reason it has vanished from our blog site, but that wasn’t before it decided to do some very strange things on Facebook along the way, so here i go again and no doubt this one will be slightly different from last nights efforts.

So lets see what we have been up to over the last few weeks…again.

The weather over  has been really lovely, hot sunny days and even a few hot evenings, which is unusual for this time of year but most welcome as we have had visitors.

Firstly my niece Helen and her friend John joined us for a holiday and also to do us a favour and look after Barnaby Pickles and Miel Miaow whist we went to Barcelona for our friend James 40th birthday, more on that later.

Before Helen and John came i decided to have a go at recovering the footstool that Kev made, it had got a bit worn, mainly due to one pesky cat called Miel Miaow, who on many occasion used it as a scratch toy.

I covered it in an old coffee sack which i bought in Shoreditch in the east end of London for £1, i love a bargain and i must say it dosnt look half bad.

Guests get to relax and have a chilled time here in Maison Murier but not before being put to work, Helen is a keen gardner so i put those skills to help get our potager ready for planting, John helped out as well.

And after a hard days work everyone deserves a rest and a nice drink.


So with the pets safely being looked after Kev and i headed off to Barcelona by car for James 40th birthday weekend. Barcelona is only a 4 hour drive from us and takes in some beautiful scenery along the way.

Paul and James had organised an amazing weekend packed full of fabulous meals at amazing restaurants, but the special nigh was James 40th birthday dinner which was a private function organised by The Supper Club, they hold dinner parties in unusual places and the place they chose didn’t disappoint, it was a private residence overlooking Plaça Reial.

A fabulous night was had by all, it went on into the early hours, just how a birthday celebration should be.

Back at home all was well, apart from  Helen and John getting stuck with us as the French air traffic strike cancelled their flight home, so an extra five days was added to their holidays, i don’t think they were too upset, and all worked out for the best as they got to spend some time with Cheryl, Chris and Louis our cousins from London.

As mentioned earlier we do like to put our guests to work.

Helen and John departed and kevs birthday was upon us.

The blossoms have been blooming and the lilac trees have been so heavy with flowers, i don’t think mother nature will miss a few, they scent was so heady and sweet, i could resit.


Oh yes and here are the finished deckchairs, i used paint i already had and the fabric was a steal at €4 a meter.

And after all our guests departed back to good old Blighty, Kev and i set back to work on the garden.

We bought 30 geraniums for all our window ledges and set about potting them up.

And heres the house in bloom.

The house adorned with geraniums, 30 in total for all the windows.

The house adorned with geraniums

And whilst we worked all Barnaby could do was survey his kingdom.


After a few glorious weeks the clouds rolled in and a crazy storm was upon us, mind you it saved me watering the garden.


Have a lovely week everyone.

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