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That was the week that was!.

Well that was the week that was…..

French air traffic controllers decided that it was time for a strike, it was sunny and they were probably annoyed with everyone else enjoying the sunshine and wanted some vitamin D themselves.

Poor Kev fell foul of them, as he landed from a trip on Tuesday morning at 06.30am and was supposed to to hop on the early flight home but, air traffic controllers say no…. and then the 2.30pm was cancelled so he had to wait for the 8.30pm flight, which didn’t actually take off until 12.30am on Wednesday so bless hime he had one of the longest days ever considering he had been up since 8am on the Monday.

I headed off to London on Monday avoiding the start of the strike but as you can imagine i was not looking forward to my journey home on Friday, but as luck would have it the strike was called off. But my flight home was still delayed but only by an hour and that was soothed by a few glasses of rose as i dint have to drive home.

The weather in June has been stunning, amazing sunshine and temperatures up in the high 30’s, but with that comes the chance of storms and we have had a few, which I’m ok with as they provide fabulous light shows and water the garden which saves me a job.

I always like to take a long walk with BP [Barnaby Pickles] on my return home, just to re connect with my surroundings and i always get amazed at how quickly things change, i have only been away for 5 days this week but wow the sunflowers and corn have sit up, they grow so quickly, some of the sunflowers are beginning to burst open to reveal their bright rays of sunshine yellow for us all to see and wonder at. Within a week they will all be out and shining brightly, bathing our countryside in their yellow glow.


Miel Miaow never fails to amuse me, she is such a vocal cat and will follow you around chatting away at every opportunity, even BP looks at her as if to say “will you shut up”.

I heard her miaowing the other day in the stables and called her and she popped her head out of a very comfy spot she had found in  amongst all of the old blankets we keep as dust covers.



We have been very busy working on the pool, but its all boring invisible stuff like sheering up the steps and concreting in the supports etc so no photos to share this week, but hopefully storms permitting we should have made some good progress by the end of the is new week and i will have some pics to share.

So that was the week that was and now a new one is fast approaching, so enjoy what is left of your weekend and have a great new week everyone.

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Pool update Sunday 22nd June 2014

We had to choose one of the hottest weeks of the year so far to start installing our pool, when actually all we want to do is swim in the thing, all around us i can hear neighbours kids jumping in their pools and splashing around and cooling off.

But no, not for us just yet, for us it was three days of hard slog, after the first day when the pool was dug out and we worked all day under the sweltering sun, we realised we couldn’t do that again, so we decided to do as the French labourers do and get up at the crack of dawn work until 10.30am and then do work inside as the sun starts getting fierce. A good long lunch, a siesta and then work from 5.30pm until 10pm.

It dosnt look like it from the photos but we have managed to get so much done, taking into account that even though we had a digger to do the hard work, after we had constructed the pool frame we realised we needed more room to work around it, so had to dig out the sides by hand some help from an invaluable hand drill Kev’s mum and Ian bought us. it was great at  cracking away the stone, and there was a lot of stone which is good as its a solid foundation but bloody hard work to drill through.

So here are some pics of what we have done so far.

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The pool has finally started…

I can’t quite believe it but the digger man turned up today and the hole for our pool is finally taking shape, and very quickly i must say, he dosn’t mess about.

Keep checking back readers as i will post updates over the next few days to show you our progress.


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Miel Miaow at the top of the tree!

Our Miel Miaow likes nothing more than scaling the heights… of trees, she isn’t scared of heights in fact she enjoys finding a nice branch and surveying the land from it, oh yes and if a little bird happens to pop by she will oblige and stalk it, walking the tightrope of thing branches with panache.

IMG_1127 IMG_1128

She also has a new favourite spot on tera firm as well, on a nice big stone well padded with moss so nice and comfy, from here she can survey her land and watch for mice.



She even invites Barnaby Pickles over for a look too, if she’s in the mood for doggy company.


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Barnaby Pickles visits Rabasten

After our trip to Rabasten the other week we thought Barnaby Pickles would enjoy a swim in the river, so we took him along last Wednesday, which was a very hot day and actually he wasn’t that fussed, in fact we had to coax him into the water.

He spent more time sniffing around the river bank and looking to see what was going on around him, which wasn’t much.

Oh well we had a nice picnic and enjoyed the sunshine.


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The Hill, McCauley clans first visit

My family have been so supportive and enthusiastic about our move to France and have loved sharing our French Adventure via our blog every step of the way. Last week it was time for some of them to come and see our French house for real.

My Mum, Sister and brother in law all flew over for a weeks holiday and as you will have seen in my last post some work, well they did offer.

Thankfully the weather obliged us and the sun most defiantly had his hat on, even if not for every moment, he was shy at the beginning of the week but had lost all his inhibitions by the end of the week and shone brightly for us and gave us all some lovely vitamin D as a gift.

Its really lovely to share our dream with family and friends, and its great when they come as it makes us take some time out from renovations to explore and enjoy all that this amazing part of France has to offer.

Here are some photo galleries of their French Adventures.

A walk in the countryside.

Wine tasting at Domaine Barreau , Julie your supposed to sip and spit and drink the lot!

A trip to Rabasten, which we hadn’t been to and turned out to be beautiful, especially the old town and the river.…/rabastens

Fun in the garden

Exploring Albi

Dinner at Au Cafe Joubert click to visit their Facebook page

Julie’s birthday breakfast

A trip to Albi Marché aux puces, the girls had lots of bargains.

A visit to Chateau Fort Mauriac, which is only minutes away from us, parts of it date back to the 11th century, we had a lovely tour in english and managed to get mum down the steepest set of steps into the terraced garden below the chateau. Well worth a visit if your in this part of France.

A game of Pétanque  in the garden the night before they went home, and Digger Dave definitely has the back for this game he beat us all.

Heres to your next visit……

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So many shutters!


Renovations are in full swing here in Fayssac, even when we have guests staying, if  they can hold a brush we give them one.

Its shutter renovation time at the moment, whilst we wait and wait and wait for someone to dig the hole for our pool, i won’t go into that right now, i will only rant and it will take ages, ill keep that for a future post.

Anyway we have over 40 things to renovate and pain, from shutters to barns doors and various other exterior bits, some are in good condition and just need sanding, filling and painting some need intensive care.

The derrière shot is my brother in law “Digger Dave” [the name came from a drunken night of me complaining about dodgy hole diggers and Dave offering to dig it for us], told you we make guests work for their keep.


The ones that don’t make it out of intensive care are chopped up for firewood, oh yes we recycle as much as possible, kev has utilised his carpentry skills to make them, saving us a wedge load of money in the process.


And we have finally decided on a colour for our shutters, which was really decided for us as its a colour match to our new windows, no romantic name I’m afraid just a Ral number, Ral 7016 to be precise but ill call it “Thunder Cloud”, mind you thats a bit dramatic, maybe “Pigeons back” thats just as bad, oh well you make up your mind either is better than Ral 7016.

And you may have noticed the wall paint in the photo below, now that does have a name “Grey frost”, so there are our exterior colours to be used liberally on anything stone, wood or metal and even guests if they stay still long engough.



Ok back to painting shutters….. Bon weekend everyone.

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