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A bit of this and a bit of that


This week has been a funny old week, i was in London for two days as two quick projects have come up with Lambeth and Lewisham Councils. So on Monday Lynda and I spread ourselves liberally around West Norwood visiting stores.

Monday night we had a lovely meal at The Alma with Paul, Jamie and Jackie, it was lovely to see them all and catch up on all the news, as i don’t get chance that often.

Tuesday Lynda and i dashed around Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham, dodging the rain handing out flyers.

That night i flew back home on the last flight out from Heathrow, and you know when you just want to get home things are bound to get in the way, well it was the plane which decided that it would have a technical problem just to annoy us all. The flight was put back an hour then it was going to be cancelled…. oh joy, but then at the last minute they managed to find a plane, how they find a plane i don’t know, but i didn’t care, i was just happy to be flying back to France. So eventually i got home at 1.45am and then kev was up at 4am to take the same plane back to London as he was about to start standby.

I spent most of yesterday writing up store visit notes and answering emails, but i did get a chance to do some work in “The Room Of Doom” its our spare room which although it has no ceiling, is covered in about an inch of dust and only one of the two windows is fitted, will be ready for guests to sleep in for kevs birthday in April.

Here is “The Room of Doom”

We have started to knock the plaster off the walls in the alcoves to take them back to the original stone.


Whilst i was being shaken about using the very powerful new industrial hammer drill that Marion and Ian bought us kev decided to take himself off to his workshop, hmmm whats he up to now i thought, so i popped down to find him putting up his wine rack which he bought for 12 euros at the fabulous Troc 81 store. He has been itching to put it up for weeks, he took great pride in organising all his bottles of wine, apparently the top three rows are off limits as they are expensive, just as well he told me, i wouldn’t know the difference and would have probably started at the top and worked my way down.



Miel Miaow is so inquisitive and has discovered the big wide world of the outdoors all be it only from looking through the windows, she is fasinated by anything that moves out there and can’t seem to understand why she can’t touch things through the glass. Bless her she only has to wait until April then she can go outside.



She sneaked passed me and got into out wood store the other day, i hunted everywhere for her and had to resort to Burnaby’s sniffing skills to find her, she was exploring all the chopped down trees.


Barnaby Pickles went to the hairdressers on Thursday and had a very close cut, litterally no hair left on him, but at least the mud will slide of his new sleek look.




And today “Friday” we have had all seasons in one day, a right pick n mix of weather, rain, hailstones, wind, sunshine and this amazing rainbow, the end of which is in the field at the bottom of the garden so I’m off out with my shovel to find my pot of gold, happy weekend everyone.




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A busy week


What a busy week we had…

Our dear friends Paul and James popped over to see us, flying back with Kev from London for the weekend, bless them i think they were heading for some sunshine, but unfortunatley our weather has been very similar to the UK of late, rain, rain and yes more rain. But that didn’t stop us getting out there and showing them around.

Wellies are our staple footwear at the moment and we have acumulated a range of sizes ready for any visitors.


A footpath or a mini river.



Saturday night was steak and red wine night and after a delicious meal cooked by Kev and a few bottles of the local red stuff, we face timed our friend Jacks back in London and it looks like she had already had a few bottles of the red stuff herself!!!!!



After a fabulous weekend the boys headed back to London for a detox and Kev headed for India.

I had a busy few days clearing up and decorating and then on Friday our new windows arrived.


It didn’t take us long to start knocking out the old ones, the first to go in was in Marion and Ian’s spare bedroom.



Give Kev a power tool and he can turn his hand to anything…..



Ta Dah and here it is our first window in place, we loved our original windows but they let so much cold air in so they had to go but they will be recycled as Kev is going to make a green house for me.

The dark grey wooden frames look lovely, and yes the room was so much warmer.



Frosted windows for the bathrooms.




Then on Saturday we headed for the Aveyrone to look at a antique fireplace for our kitchen.

Last monday we had visited Laurent the Mares son in laws antique showroom and fell in love with his wood burning stove, it was an origional Godin Colonial, he told us about a great website a bit like ebay called “Bon Coin” which means good corner. After a bit of searching we found a few of them and the best was the one in the Aveyrone.

Luckily the one we saw was in fabulous condition so we bought it there and then and as soon as we got home it was put in place and a fire lit.




The critters however had another relaxing week!!!!!!




What will next week bring?

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