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First walkies with the daddies

After our 12 hour journey and a good sleep Barnaby Pickles  was  was eager to survey his land, so it was off for a long walkies for him and us. He was such a patient boy sitting waiting for us for us to get ourselves ready.



After a while he got a little impatient and took himself off for a little scout and sniff around.



Finally the daddies were ready and off we went.



Can you spot BP’s tail?



The little woods at the bottom of our field is amazing, its full of tree houses and wigwams, a perfect place for children to play…ahem and for us.



After a lovely run Pickle decided to take himself off home.



It didn’t take him long to find his way around.



He’s already had loads more amazing walkies.

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The Final Move

Px So the final moving day arrived after what has seemed to be the longest moving period in history. We packed the remains of our belongings stacked them into priority piles in the living room of our rented house, the plants have been sorted and corralled on the decking awaiting their journey south.




Barnaby Pickles was very bewildered he knew something was going on and I’m sure was worried that we would be leaving him behind, so lots of reassuring scuggles were given. Then at 12pm we set off for our new home in France and our very own French adventure.
We made excellent time down to Folkestone so early that we were able to get a much earlier train and at no extra cost…. Euro tunnel must have been feeling generous. We arrived in Calais to more beautiful blue skies and the strong waft of the sea. The journey south towards Paris sped by and entering Paris gave us magical view of the whole city, the Eiffel Tower stood majestically in the distance, we made great time around the city peripheral, so good that we decided not to stop but to carry on towards home only another 7 hour drive…. Easy… Hmmm.
All our worries about how BP would cope were just worries, he coped in the best possible way; by sleeping.

So at 2am we pulled into our driveway under a jam packed beautiful starry sky, deep breaths, big sighs and back to reality, we quickly gave Pickle a tour of the garden and headed for bed in a few hours we will be the starting our new French life.

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Stacked and ready for winter

Kev Popped down to the house last week to meet the Spanc people, no he wasn’t setting up a sordid night of bottom spanking he was sorting out our septic tank problem mentioned in our last post.
Anyhow whilst there is was a busy boy and stacked our recent 3 tonne delivery of logs which will hopefully keep us warm this winter, well that is once we have bought our log burner.


Didn’t he do well, so neatly stacked.

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Moving date confirmed…

K: I thought it was about time we sent out a small update about our progress.

We’ve had a busy time since out last post. Towards the end of our week securing the garden, we discovered that in the fosse septique (septic tank) battle, with our Agent “Oh, there’s bound to be a fosse there somewhere” Laurette in one corner, and our neighbour Mayor “Oh, I don’t think there is a fosse on the property” Claude in the other, Claude has unfortunately won. One evening, to our utter horror, we heard “water” pouring out a pipe on one of the steep banks in our garden, immediately after Phill had flushed the toilet. That discovery really changes the way you view the toilet pan each time you enter the bathroom!

Back home in the UK, I managed to secure an early appointment with the government agency which deals with these matters. Humorously called SPANC. I’ve also managed to contact 2 fosse installers who will be on site the same day to terrify me with a quote. I have to fly out for the day for all this on the 16th Sept. Apparently, we’ve had a delivery of the internet equipment, so I’ll use the same time to connect us up to the web.

When we returned home, we dealt with the very moving occasion of Phill’s dad’s funeral. Horace had died, aged 81, after a short battle with pneumonia, two weeks earlier. Phill’s mum had insisted that we still go France to put up the fence. The day itself was actually perfect, and one of which I am sure Horace would have greatly approved. Far from being sad (albeit of course with many wet eyes), it was a beautiful celebration of his life.

I found out this week that my application to have the whole of October off has been granted, so once my possible rostered duties have been completed at the end of September I will have 4 lovely weeks to settle us into our new home. Because of this, we sat down this afternoon and looked at possible moving dates. I know that, to many people (including myself), this whole process has been dragged out beyond belief! ANOTHER moving date! But this is the big one. This is the emigration date. The date we will no longer be UK residents. And it represents the final plunge – a plunge that I have been putting off and putting off. This is the final paragraph in a chapter which began with bobbing in the Med and deciding our 2 year moving plan, to my mini depression in winter 2011/12 which made me realise we could (and probably should) leave London after all, to endless internet house searches which lead to the perfect find.

So, Monday 23rd September it is. Then the hard work really begins. I’m sure we’ll look back on the fencing project and laugh about how easy it was in comparison!

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